About as

Václav němeček

Director, Founder

Former football (soccer) athlete, MS participant in Italy 1990 and Euro multi-champion from Euro 1996. As a former top athlete, I feel the large impact of yoga which helps maintain my flexibility and vitality, after years of being very physically active. It is especially calming and relieves stress and pressure brought on by my current workload.

Petra Špindlerová

Chairman of the Board, Founder

I’m a freelance actress. For several years I have been actively engaged in yoga, while also instructing it. I would like to share all the benefits of yoga with everyone. More about me at www.petraspindlerova.com 

Iva Baranová

Board meber

I’ve always liked being active, and most of all, I love dancing, but with entering the work force and the beginning of my law career, suddenly I didn’t have the time and had to deal with much more stress. Yoga is a great way for me to relieve body pain and other ailments caused by hours of sitting, and mainly, relieving my mind from anxiety. Even though I am an eternal beginner, yoga is my way of finding balance. If yoga can assist those in need, I’m in.

Mgr.Vladimíra Svobodová

Board meber

Since childhood, I was actively engaged in singing and playing piano. I like to read, visit the countryside, listen to music and go to the theater. As far as sport activities, I prefer yoga and Pilates. I devote my time to aromatherapy and Bach essences. The greatest and most precious and valuable possession in my life are my two children and my granddaughter. Part of our family are also two Bolognese dogs, helping us as a stress relief tool. I work as head nurse in the Hospice Malovická in Prague 4. I personally participated in founding it as a member of the board. I consider this the pinnacle of my professional career. I see yoga as a way of life and a process of self-discovery as well as a connection with the principles of nature. My life’s desire is world peace, living with love and dying with love, listening to the words of nature and the universe.

Pavlína Krepelkova

Auditor endowment fund

After 26 years in the United States, California, where I worked with TV and film productions and later on in the music industry as PR for many prestigious events and assorted music awards with companies like Bobbi Marcus Public Relations & Events, Inc., Britt Allcroft Production LLC, Panda Shopping Network, etc., I came back to the Czech Republic and based on my previous experience I started my own business which involves acting training and filming under the name Divadelní a Filmová Společnost Zity Kabatové more information www.divadlofilm.cz. I also teach English conversation and speech.