Yoga classes for deaf children in primary schools

Learning perception of sound based on vibration. Explained in sign language. This cooperation has proven itself and will continue in the future.

Art workshop at Hilton Hotel

Painting pottery with yoga motives with the assistance of two young artists Eliška Konečná and Michael Nosek ( Create came personalities (see photo). The works will be held and the proceeds are earmarked for the specific activities of our fund. Thank you very much for your support.

CaniYoga at the Children’s Center in Krč at Thomayer Hospital

I have been teaching yoga to preschool children, once a week, for the past eight years, as a volunteer at the Children’s Center in Krč at Thomayer Hospital (formerly an Infant Institute). It is beautiful to see how much the children enjoy yoga.

An optional lecture and practical demonstration of yoga for high school students of G. Jarkovského in Prague

limited to 20 participants (20 came)

Trained with Diana, with seniors at the stationary

Visiting Swami Vishwananda